Shake up your English 4 – Food 2

Well, after fruit, vegetables and meat we are going to talk about fish and seafood and about spices and herbs.

fish seafood Fisch MEeresfrüchte Shrimps

fish and seafood

Do you like fish? I do. I love fish and chips – so battered cod (Kabeljau in Backteig) is wonderful for me. I also like plaice (Scholle). Hake (Hecht) is okay  I also like herring, sardine and salmon (Lachs) – with bread – great. And a trout (Forelle) – blue or „Müllerin“ is also delicious.

Beside fish, there is seafood which you find in the ocean. Do you like seafood? Pizza frutti di mare? 😉 I like it, but only in small amounts. I do not like a whole bowl of mussels (Miesmuscheln) (Moules – as they are called in France where we ate them some years ago). Did you know that in France (and also in Belgium I have been told) they serve them together with fries as „Moules Frites“.

I like pizza or pasta with prawns (Garnelen) or shrimps. You can also have crab (Krabben) or crayfish (Flusskrebse). What I do not like is squid (Tintenfisch) – I do not like the texture.

To come back to mussels again … In Ireland there is a famous song „Molly Malone“. In Dublin you can find a stature of her wheeling her wheel barrow (Schubkarre). She was a fish monger (Fischhändlerin) and in the refrain it says: „She wheels her wheel barrow, through the streets broad and narrow, crying cockles (Herzmuscheln) and mussels (Miesmuscheln) alive, alive, oh.“

Let’s come to an end with seafood – but there are two things we must not forget. Two luxurious ones: lobster (Hummer) and oysters (Austern). Have you ever tried that? I have never tried lobster, but my husband and I tried oysters in France and in Ireland. He likes them – I am not such a big fan. Very slimy, somehow :-).


After such a fishy business (Achtung – das heißt „nach so einem verdächtigen/zweifelhaften Geschäft) let’s go to spices and herbs.


Gewürze Spices

spices (Gewürze)

I really like curry, but only the mild version. I once tried a real Indian curry (as I stayed with an Indian family in London) – and I nearly died – it was sooooo hot (scharf)!!!!. Curry is a mixture of spices such as cumin (Kreuzkümmel), cardamom, coriander, paprika, tumeric (Kurkuma) and ginger (Ingwer).

What I also use often is pepper (Pfeffer), cinnamon (Zimt) and nutmeg (Muskatnuss). At Christmas we als use cloves (Gewürznelken), anise (Anis), vanilla.

The gingerbread spices includes: cinnamon, anise, ginger, fennel (Fenchel), cardamom, coriander, cloves, allspice (Piment), nutmeg.


Kräuter herbs basil oregano rosmary sage

herbs (Kräuter)

Wurzelinchen loves tomato-sauce and I love to season (würzen) it with Mediterranean herbs like: rosemary (Rosmarin), Thyme (Thymian), Oregano, Sage (Salbei) and Basil (Basilikum).

In summer I really enjoy some bread with butter and chives (Schnittlauch). What I do not like very much is parsley (Petersilie) – in soups I prefer lovage or love parsley (Liebstöckel). It’s a nice name, isn’t it?

Do you grow your own herbs? I did during the last years, but as we are moving I did not grow anything this year. Except some cress  – Wurzelinchen really liked that – growing and eating :-).




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