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Heute startet meine neue Serie! Als Englischlehrerin liegt mir natürlich viel daran euer Englisch nicht einrosten zu lassen. Diese Serie soll es wieder ein bisschen aufpäppeln!

Ich werde regelmäßig kleine Texte schreiben und dazu immer kurz und knackig ein Grammtikthema wiederholen bzw.erklären oder euch ein paar besonders schöne Vokabel zu einem Wortfeld näher bringen.

Wenn ihr Fragen habt – einfach einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Ich erkläre gern!! :-)!


As summer is coming, many of us are going on holidays. So during the next weeks „holidays“ will be our main topic*.

*main topic: Hauptthema

There are many different ways of going on holiday. I prefer* staying at a hotel. I really like breakfast buffets and full service. But with a (small) child it is not always that easy. Having dinner at the hotel restaurant can sometimes be very nerve-wracking* as small children love to run around and have special preferences* what to eat.

*prefer: bevorzugen

*nerve-wracking: nervenaufreibend

*preferences: Vorlieben


So, for us it is easier to stay at a self-catering flat. There you can cook whatever you want and children can walk around and play after they have finished their dinner. And what is also important is that mostly there are two rooms. So when the children are sleeping parents can talk, watch TV, read, …

When we were in Ireland in 2012 we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. That was wonderful, because we could talk to the people living there. We had wonderful conversations and got many special tips what to do in the area.


What is very popular among some of our friends and relatives is camping. My aunt and uncle have a caravan. And especially among the younger generation the tent is also an opportunity*. Well, I have to admit*, this is not suitable* for us. I would not want to use toilets and bathrooms with so many other people. And you are very close to each other. I like a bit more privacy*.

*opportunity: Möglichkeit

*admit: zugeben

*suitable: passend

*privacy: Privatsphäre


One of my blogger colleagues really loves „house-swapping/house sharing„. I think this is a great idea, but I would feel very uncomfortable knowing that somebody else is lying in my bed and living in my house. But I think the only chance in getting over that is trying it! Maybe in some years time … 😉

Another friend of us recently went on a cruise. I like the idea of being on such a big ship. I generally like ships. A cruise is something I really would like to try.


Well, how are you going to spend your holidays?

Some of my blogger colleagues (and me) have written about going on holidays with children in a #fragmama-post on the blog Muttis Nähkästchen. Natürlich wieder auf Deutsch!! 😉



Wortfeld: Urlaub


Self-catering flat: Apartment

Bed&Breakfast: Frühstückspension


Caravan: Wohnwagen

Tent: Zelt

House swapping/house sharing: Haustauschen

Cruise: Kreuzfahrt


Have a nice week!!!!

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  1. Nice idea. I like it. Easy way to refresh my english and grammar.
    Have a nice day.
    Best wishes

    1. I’m happy you like it!! Have a nice day too!!

  2. Hey Cornelia! Love the idea of refreshing my english!
    Thanks for helping.
    Have a nice day

    1. Wonderful! I’m happy to help!! I wish you a nice day too!!

  3. Great idea! As a teacher myself and an American living in Austria I have to say: I love it! The next time we see eachother we can chat a bit in English 🙂

    1. Oh yes, we have to. I really miss chatting in English – there are only few occasions right now.

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